The custom order equipment starts operating in April 2025

TM-TECHNOLOGY has finilised the purchase of a high-end gantry type machining centre.

The parameters of the machine are X=17 500mm; Y=7 600mm; Z= 2 500mm, W= 2 500mm with high precision. It also includes turning table with 3 metres diameter and 40 ton load capacity.

The latest addition to the factory before this was the coating line consisting of 4 chambers for shot-blasting, phosphating, painting and drying.

Today the innovative machining centre closes a full cycle of equipment required to produce large-scale welded parts up to 80 tons.

The machine is dedicated to support Sustainable Energy, Marine, Oil & Gas industries and more.

This puts TM-Technology on the map as one of the most capable heavy machine builders in the Balkan region.