On 24th of January Petar Petrov – CEO and Viktor Petrov – Commercial Director were visited from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of city of Rousse. The aim of the visit was familiarization with the technological capacity of the company for metal constructions and heating stoves.

The CEO shared the challenges that business sector faces and how they deal with them. He also shared his positive attitude in view of the fact that local government representatives are coming after the elections, which shows a different attitude towards the development of the city.

A visitоrs tour took place during which they met with the employees and their supervisors both in the base for production of large constructions (currently producing 60 tons frames) and in the base for production of heating stoves and BBQ`s (developed is a BBQ, which is already used in scenes of a world-famous film).

Our guests were intrigued and set a goal to support the work of the company by achieving a better work conditions in the city and to work on issues related with the infrastructure and traffic of going and returning from Danube Industrial Zone TEGRA – a home of TM.

The representatives of the Municipality have repeatedly confirmed that TM Technology has enviable technological capabilities for the country and it is known in the region of Rousse for the favorable conditions and opportunities it provides for competent employees and design engineering staff.