About us

TM Technology establishes new traditions of high excellence in production since 2003. Our aim is to continuously achieve customer satisfaction and to make the TM Technology name synonymous with quality and high standard in our region and the European Union.

The Production Portfolio:

The factory portfolio includes: 60 tons generator baseframes, 20 tons motor casings, shipbuilding modules up to 50 tons per unit, 5000 m3 capacity reservoirs and much more depending on customer requirements. The company is approved supplier by some the titans of the machine-building industry whose standards of high quality are recognised throughout the world.

The Facility:

The production facilities have a height of 40 meters with a highest point of crane 23m. There are 50+ lifting equipment in the sheltered and opened areas with the maximum lifting capacity of 80 tons. This assist in movement of heavyweight parts throughout various internal processes such as laser, oxy and plasma cutting (plates up to 300mm thickness; 4000mm x 12000mm surface) with 3D head for chamfering, shotblasting, bending (800T force, 8m length blade), rolling, welding, annealing, machining, grinding, boring, primer application, painting, certified QC check and NDT testing. All of the manufacturing steps are followed on site and documented by highly trained QC experts and enginering staff.


To become better at what we do in cooperation with leaders in machine building by applying world-class standards.
We achieve high quality with traceability and technological processes.


With sustainable development, we prosper together in the world of machine building.
We do what others dream of, we achieve satisfaction from our work and we bring satisfactory results to our customers.


TM Technology borders port Bulmarket, which is located on the coast of Danube River and has own loading cranes. The Danube Bridge, which connects Bulgaria to Romania is only 5 km away from the facility. The nearest Otopeni Airport is 70 km away from the factory. On the site of the plant there is direct entry of railway tracks, roads and outdoor cranes to assist logistical processes. The factory was built specifically on this location and with its infrasrtuture in order to have transportation of manufactured goods secure, efficiently and safely.