Large-scale metal products according to your specifications!


The company is focused on metalworking and manufacturing of large metal products: industrial metal structures, metal parts for machinery and large-scale metal constructions.

Established in 2003, the company gained experience in machine-building industry with continuous accumulation of knowledge, skills and equipment.

TM Technology JSC is located on area of 87 000 m², including 65 000 m² sheltered area on the Bulgarian side of Danube river with an immediate access to railway and conventional roads, also and river port. The company has a workforce of 230 full-time employees.



The Mayor of Ruse and Deputy Mayor on a visit at TM Technology JSC

On 24th of January Petar Petrov – CEO and Viktor Petrov – Commercial Director were visited from the Mayor and […]

To New Heights (and Masses) with Caterpillar

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A Sunny Day at TM Technology’s Base 2

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