Why TM TECHNOLOGY has placed 40-meter sign? – (an interview with the Commercial Director of the company – Victor Petrov)

Interviewer: Why did you decide to make the name of TM TECHNOLOGY stand out in such a way?

VP: We are here for 18 years and we believe we will stay here for a very long time. For this reason, we have invested 3.5 million euro in investments in equipment and improvement of working conditions in the company for the last 6 years, and we plan to invest another 2 million euro within the next 2 years. We believe that good times are coming for work. Considering all this, it makes sense to think about permanent advertising and to present our symbol.

Interviewer: What you want to show with this symbol?

VP: We want to show we are here, we are developing and we are part of the prosperous organizations in the region. Companies popular in energy and machine-building industry rely on us for the production of products from 10 to 60 tons. Furthermore, we work with clients on design projects, which have significant impact on the socio-cultural life in Western Europe, United Kingdom and USA. Very few people know about this, or they know very small part of the whole picture.

Interviewer: Is this your aim, more customers to find out for TM Technology?

VP: We have already received comments regarding 40-meter sign by our customers, but this is not important.  The sign that should be seen by the people from the region is important. It is a good signal that we are developing, hiring people with good work ethic and enthusiasm, raising the standard of life of our colleagues and improving working conditions. This is an extremely important about us, because we are trying to change the perception of the company. There are still people who do not know that the Board of Directors of TM-TECHNOLOGY went through significant changes 2 years ago. Our work mentality and relationships are very different compared to then.

Our goal is for those who work here to feel proud and confident that they can work here until retirement.

Interviewer: Are you planning to take any measures in connection with the shortage of staff in this industry?

VP: In the academic year 2021/2022 we will work in cooperation with the Vocational school of industrial technologies “Atanas Tsonev Burov” on a project for dual training. Students of the high school will visit us twice a week, will get familiar with the production processes, will be trained for the respective professions and will finally be evaluated by our employees. In addition, we intent to start a cooperation with the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”.

Our goal is to attract new staff, keep people in the region and make them our long-term employees.