In conjunction with the upcoming equipment for project “Increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise”, which is realized with the financial support of Norway Grants 2014-2021 with Priority field “Green Industry Innovation” for the Program of “Business Development, Innovation and SME’s in Bulgaria”, we present you some more details about our future equipment:

Specified position 1:

Machine for automated shot blasting of sheet material and parts – 1 pc.

Technical specifications:

Processed materials: steel sheets and profiles (beams).

Minimum length – 12000mm.

Minimum width – 3200mm.

Maximum height – 600mm.

Dimensions of the largest HEB profile – 1000 mm.

Specified position 2:

Combined degreasing, phosphating and drying chamber, performing the degreasing, phosphating and drying processes – 1pc.

Technical specifications:

Internal dimensions of the degreasing part – 23500х6300х6000mm.

Internal dimensions of the drying section – 23500х6300х6000mm.

Wastewater treatment system.

Automatic and manual control of individual processes.

Specified position 3:

Chamber for manual blasting of welded structures 1 pc.

Technical specifications:

Maximum length – 23000mm.

Maximum width – 6500mm.

Maximum height – 6500mm.

Maximum mass/weight – 55 tonnes.

Specified position 4:

Combined chamber for manual painting and drying of welded structures. – 1 pc.

Technical specifications:

The chamber has two separate cabins, independent of each other, separated by an intermediate roller shutter door. This will allow two different processes to run simultaneously, painting and drying, or both merged parts to work at the same time as drying, or painting.

Internal dimensions of the chamber – 21300x6060x6055mm

Dimensions of the workpieces:

Maximum length – 21000mm.

Maximum width – 6000mm.

Maximum height – 6000mm.